We at Grove School had been looking at ways of reducing our energy bills and upon speaking to Princes in Ellesmere, they suggested carrying out a specialised lighting survey to reduce the overall wattage of our existing lighting installation by installing a more efficient type of light fitting with a lower overall wattage.

We had the survey carried out which demonstrated a considerable annual saving on our electricity bills, and after arranging the relevant funding the project commenced and was completed quickly. The Project has made a huge difference to the school not just on the savings created on a yearly basis but also aesthetically, the lighting levels are so much better with a cleaner crisp type of lighting, and having standardised the light fittings throughout it also makes an impact on maintenance.

It must be said that the project was carried out to an extremely high level of quality and professionalism from the initial survey through to installation and the handover procedure.

The Project was completed in an out of hours format to avoid any disruption to the normal functioning of the school and apart from Teachers and students commenting on the better lighting we would have not known that the work was taking place of an evening.

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