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Low Energy & LED Lighting

Did you know that an LED bulb lasts roughly 12 times longer than a standard bulb? A saving of around £78 over it’s lifetime.

To request a no obligation quotation that compares the energy efficiency of your existing lighting with LED lighting, please call 01691 624336 or complete the form below.

Our team will arrange a suitable time for the survey which will take approximately 30 -45 minutes.


Your LED Lighting Survey

By letting us carry out a survey of your existing lighting within your home or business, you can get recommendations on how to improve your overall energy efficiency. We find the best lights to suit your property as well as new ways to save you the most money. It also one of the most profitable energy saving tips and is included in our tips to ‘Saving energy in 2017‘.

Types of LED lights

There are various types of LED lights which can include LED wall lights, LED lamps, outdoor LED lighting and other LED bulbs. We will make recommendations including a breakdown of energy and cost savings that can be made for every light we install.

Case Study

The Grove School, Market Drayton

We advised the The Grove School of the substantial savings they could make on their energy bills by investing in LED lighting. With energy prices on the increase, and being conscious of their carbon footprint, they decided the time had come to make a change.

Following a successful LED lighting survey we were able to identify where energy savings could be made. The best solution was to replace existing fluorescent lighting for new more efficient T5 fluorescent lighting.

Estimated savings were as follows:

Existing LightingProposed Lighting
Hours Useds p.a
Pence Per KWh
Total Wattage
CO2 Produced p.a (kg)
Total Running Costs p.a
Cost Saving p.a
CO2 Savings (kg)
Payback Period
4.8 year

The Benefits

  • Savings of over £10,000 per year
  • Reduced impact on the enviroment
  • 100% interest free funding for the project
  • Minimum disruption to the school
  • Successfull installation of over 800 light fittings