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NEST Learning Thermostat

We are registered as accredited installers for the Nest learning thermostat.

Within a week of you manually setting the temperature Nest learns the temperatures you like at what time and on what day and continues to learn as you continue to use it. The Nest Thermostat eliminates the need for a programmer as it programs itself using a precise control of temperature. You can download their app on to your phone or tablet to manage your heating when you are away from home. The nest helps you save energy and money by turning itself down when you’re away from home and doesn’t turn the boiler off for long periods of time, instead it adds low temperatures to keep your home at a steady temperature. As well as keeping your home warm, Nests home thermostat also keeps your pipes safe in extreme weather. For more information please contact us on 01691 624336, for detailed information please visit the nest website.


Chop-Cloc home thermostat is a revolutionary new way to reduce energy consumption in central heating systems . It simply turns the heating off for a portion of time every hour to reduce your energy consumption and saves you money on bills without you feeling any change in temperature.

Chop Cloc speaks for itself, it is the only product of its type available in the market place and here at Princes LHS we believe it is a very simple and effective idea. If you would like to know more information or how you could save money on your heating then please contact us on 01691 624336.