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Mr Johnson & Mrs Rudkin solar savings

Installation & Savings Overview

  • 4kw Solar PV Installation
  • PV System of 16 x 250w LG Panels
  • Solar iBoost Immersion Controller Installed
  • 22 x 4.5w LED Lights installed alongside
  • £666.40 earned from FIT (2014-2015)
  • Investment of £7,000 for PV system, LED lighting & solar iBoost immersion controller
  • Will pay for itself in around 7 Years
  • Reduction in Gas Usage of 234 Units
  • £214.75 Saved on Electricity
  • During remaining FIT period, Expected £12,500 in Savings and Payments

Survey and Installation

After seeing their utility bills increase, Mr Johnson and Mrs Rudkin of Ellesmere, got in touch with us to see how we could help resolve this problem. Initially, we carried out a free, no obligation, site survey to assess the house and to provide a personalised quotation.

From the survey, and through discussions with Mr Johnson and Mrs Rudkin, we found that the best way for them to decrease their utility bills would be to have a 4kw Solar PV system installed. In January 2014, they had the system installed on the South facing roof of their property, and since then have been seeing the benefits of this installation. The PV system consisted of 16 x 250w high quality LG All black panels. We also installed a Solar iBoost immersion controller; the Solar iBoost uses excess electricity, which would usually be exported back to the national grid, to heat the hot water for the property, therefore saving on gas bills as well as electricity bills, whilst maximising the use of the energy from the Solar PV system. With the help of the iBoost, between June and September 2014 Mr Johnson and Mrs Rudkin only used a total of 4 units of gas for the 4 month period, with July using no units of gas at all.

LED Lighting

We also replaced 22 of the existing 50w halogen lamps with equivalent 4.5w LED versions, which again has contributed to making savings on electricity bills. The new LED lamps use a total of 99watts compared to the 1.1kw that the previous lights were using; a power usage of less than 10%, with equivalent output. By replacing these lamps, there has been no change in the light output, but they have greatly contributed to the savings that have been made on recent electricity bills. The new lamps have a 25,000 hour lamp life, an expected life expectancy of well over 10 years.

Feed in Tariff

After we had installed and commissioned the system, we then helped Mr Johnson and Mrs Rudkin with any queries that they had on the Feed in Tariff, and also sent off the Feed in Tariff form and all supporting documents to their electricity provider on their behalf. Within the first year of the system being installed, from January 2014 to January 2015 Mr Johnson and Mrs Rudkin made £666.40 from the Feed in Tariff and the Export Tariff. The Solar iBoost has not affected the Feed in Tariff payments or electricity consumption in any way as it only uses electricity that would not otherwise have been used.

Throughout the whole process, and also since finishing the installation, we have been available to offer advice and help to Mr Johnson and Mrs Rudkin.

Mr Johnson has recorded his utility bills for the 12 months prior and the 12 months following our installation. I think you will agree that the savings are substantial. For an investment of around £7,000, Mr Johnson and Mrs Rudkin have made savings on their bills and received an income from the feed in tariff of around £950 in the first year alone. If this performance continues then this investment will pay for itself in around 7 years, and if the trend continues over the remaining years of the Feed in tariff period then Mr Johnson and Mrs Rudkin can expect to see further savings and payments in excess of £12,500. With increases in electricity costs inevitable, and rise in tariffs, payback is likely to be less than 7 years.

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