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Renewable Testimonials 

Find out what our customers have to say.

Geoff Stanley | Homeowner | Northwood, Shropshire

When Matt came round to discuss solar panels, he really listened to what I was saying, as I wanted a system whereby I could store the solar energy gathered during the day, and then use it when I came home. Whereas other companies told me this was impossible and wanted to sell me geothermal or other technologies, Princes LHS Ltd suggested a battery system, such as those used off-grid. A novel solution.

Two weeks later, installation began, with sixteen solar panels installed after three days, including a visit from an external specialist as I had interesting roof tiles and therefore needed appropriate fixings. The following two days, battery and transformer fitted, again with an external specialist to ensure that the software for the transformer and connections were as prescribed. These expert visits were at no extra cost. All areas were left completely tidy at the end of each day.

There was a hiccup with the mains supply, but a phone call to the company resulted in same day fix.

So, pre, during and post-installation, customer service has been and continues to be superb. I am not one to recommend firms unless they achieve competence, or ask for expert help when needed, and fulfil my high expectations of customer service. Princes LHS Ltd achieved both of these, within the time scale and within budget!

I totally recommend them for solar technology.