Solar EV Charging

Solar EV charging with zappi

The latest in eco technology


Zappi is the latest in solar ev chargers and helps to maximise the benefits of your solar pv system. Using the latest eco technology Zappi will increase your energy savings while helping to make your household more sustainable.

It achieves these energy savings by continuously monitoring import and export energy and using this information to manage charging power.  The charging point will start to minus power from the grid as soon as it senses new loads or decreased solar energy. Varying charge power in this way means it will even pay for itself on sunny days.

Zappi is also an OLEV approved product and is therefore eligible for up to £500 in Government grants. Click below to read our guide to claiming the OLEV grant.


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Zappi ev charger next to Nissan Leaf


Benefits of using zappi to charge your electric car

What makes zappi so unique?


The Zappi charging point is the first solar ev charger on the market to pay for itself in savings. It helps to reduce your reliance on the grid no matter the size of your solar system.

Other benefits include:


  • Three charging modes: Fast, Eco and Eco +

  • Charge logs for monitoring energy usage

  • OLEV grant funding (if eligible)

  • Boost function to allow charging at a minimum level

  • Adjustable charge limits

  • 3 year warranty

  • Type 1 and Type 2 charge plugs

  • Immersion heater integration including Solar Iboost and  Immersun


Want to know more? Download the Zappi data sheet now to get the full specification.


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Solar charging for electric cars


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