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Benefits Of Battery Storage

| Princes LHS |

Increasing innovation and development have helped to improve the technology found in battery storage over the last few years.

Batteries are used to store electricity generated from PV Panels or Wind Generators local to the point of generation. Stored electricity can then be used when it is needed.


– 24/7 backup protection

It will protect your home during a power cut, keeping your lights, wi-fi and refrigerator running.

– No grid connection?

Electrify your home even if it doesn’t have a national grid connection.

– Reduce your grid costs

Solar is already less expensive than on-grid power.

– No wind or sun?

The battery can store energy for future use.

– Monitor your solar energy use

Receive alerts via your smartphone, and monitor your use in real-time.

We can correctly specify the battery size, storage and usable energy capacity it requires to meet your home’s electricity needs.

If you would like to know more about how you can benefit from battery storage then get in touch with one of our experienced team members. We have extensive knowledge about how they can be installed and what the cost will be – you might even benefit from a grant.