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Why you should use an MCS accredited company for the installation of renewable energy solutions?

Renewable energy is one of the best ways to power your home by improving your carbon footprint and reducing your household bills and installing them properly is essential for these benefits. The Microgeneration Certificate Scheme provides you with protection by certifying and assessing for microgeneration installations. Princes LHS is an MCS-accredited company and has been since 2011 so you can trust that all installations by us are fully covered. There are many benefits to choosing an MCS-accredited company and it is important to take the time to find the right company for you

Consumer protection

One of the main benefits of MCS accreditation is protection for the consumer. The scheme certifies all installers to ensure they are compliant with all necessary standards and that all jobs are done properly. It also proves protection should you find something wrong with the installation further down the line. All MCS-accredited companies must also offer insurance and warranties to keep you protected after installation. All companies in the scheme must also be a member of a TSI-approved consumer code to provide even more protection.

Higher installation quality

As the scheme assesses installers, a higher level of quality is expected for all installations. Companies under the scheme are experts in renewable energy and our team will install a system that suits the needs of you and your home. Higher installation quality also means fewer maintenance and repair bills further down the line. Our experienced engineers carry out all work to the highest standard every time.

Qualify for financial grants and support

Having a system installed by an MCS-accredited company gives you eligibility to apply for government grants such as the Renewable Heat Incentive to go towards the installation costs. By choosing a company not accredited with the scheme, you risk being ineligible for these grants and therefore receive no money towards your installation costs. We’ll help you qualify for all relevant grants.

Ensure you are mortgage eligible

The Council of Mortgage Lenders has stated that all new and existing solar PV installations must be MCS certified to avoid the risk of being ineligible for a mortgage. By choosing an MCS-accredited and experienced installer like Princes LHS, you know you’re covered no matter what. You’ll also ensure you’re eligible for home insurance policies to keep your property protected.

Competitive finance offers

Many finance companies required MCS certification as a way to prove quality and assurance in an installer. By choosing one of these companies, you may have access to more competitive finance packages to help you pay for your installation in the best way for you. We can advise you on all available options and the best solution for your needs.

MCS-accredited companies offer many benefits to their consumers and with over 10 years accredited, Princes LHS has experience in high-quality installations at competitive prices. Whether you’re looking for a renewable energy solution for your home or your business, you can trust us to offer our guidance and expertise at every step. Get in touch for more information about our installations.


Solar turns this garage into an energy generating hub to provide the whole home with clean, green power

Garage & outbuilding roofs can be an ideal & discreet place for installing solar panels, particularly if you’ve been put off installing them on your house roof for aesthetic reasons.

For this customer in Shrewsbury his slate roofed garage was the perfect spot for installing his new solar array, & is made even more discreet thanks to the use of roof integrated panels.

Our installers carefully removed the slates to install the GSE mounting modules before reinstating & sealing to ensure the roof is watertight.

Ten Jinko 3.2kW panels were installed complete with maximisers, along with a Solis inverter.

On this install our team opted for the award winning GivEnergy battery system with hybrid inverter.  This storage system is able to provide back up power in the event of a black out & charge directly from the solar PV & the grid utilising a flexible energy tariff.  As you’d expect from the latest technology the system has built in WiFi & the customer can monitor through the cloud via the web or an app. 

As you can see, the battery & inverter take up very little space within the garage so you’d hardly know it was there!  This install has turned the customers garage into a discreet, clean energy producing ‘hub’ to power the whole home! 

Seamless, integrated solar PV roof installation & the latest Myenergi technology

We’ve just finished this solar PV installation at this beautiful cottage in Market Drayton.  What makes this install really special is that the panels have been seamlessly integrated into the roofing tiles, sitting flush with rather than on top of the roof as with traditional solar arrays.

To achieve this our team removed the roof tiles to expose the roof battens in the area where the panels were to be installed.  They then fitted the innovative GSE roof mounting system to the batten, with flashing system to ensure the roof is weatherproof, before reinstating the tiles.

GSE Integration is an in-roof mounting system, allowing the building integrated installation of standard solar panels on new builds or roof-renewal properties. The system has the advantage that it fits with most solar PV panels available on the market.

Photovoltaic modules can be installed in all roof types.

The panels themselves are fitted with solaredge optimisers & an inverter to provide superior efficiency, optimise energy output & minimise shading.  This clever design also means each panel can be monitored individually.

To make use of all their clean, green energy the customer also opted for an electric vehicle charger.

We installed the super ingenious & award winning Myenergi Zappi car charger along with their Harvi, an energy harvesting wireless sensor.  This intelligent device allows the Zappi to be installed without the need for a hardwired transformer.  To make this install fully ‘smart’ & to provide the other devices with internet we used the Myenergi hub which works with an app & allows the customer to control their system from anywhere in the world!

Stunning self powered, sustainable new build in Whitchurch

Our team are starting the New Year by adding the final touches to this beautiful new build property in Whitchurch.

The customer contacted us asking for renewable energy options prior to the construction of their build.  We recommended & have now installed an air source heat pump complete with unvented heat pump cylinder & a full underfloor heating system.

To complement the heating system & to make this stunning property a fully self-powered home we installed a solar PV roof integrated system, with inverter & a Tesla Powerwall to enable the client to store the energy from the panels & continuously power their home day & night.  This home will be fully sustainable & capable of fuelling itself with clean energy 24/7 even in the event of a grid outage! 

Our renewable technology & low carbon installation includes:

  • Samsung air to water heating (EHS) air source heat pump installation comprising of 300ltr unvented heat pump cylinder
  • Underfloor heating system zoned accordingly & consisting of staple type on ground floor & spreader plate on first floor complete with all pipework, manifolds, pumps, actuators & Neo smart control stats
  • Roof integrated 6kW solar PV array with 10kW solar Edge inverter to harvest & convert the energy from the sun
  • Tesla Powerwall battery system to enable the customer to store & consume their own clean, green energy
  • Commissioning & handover pack with MCS documentation to support RHI application

We are particularly proud of this project because as well as providing the renewable energy systems we also completed all of the electrical & plumbing first & second fix work at this property.  Our skilled team of plumbers & electricians made an amazing job of the full package which included:

  • Exterior lighting & power to electric gates
  • LED downlights throughout with dimmer switches
  • Kitchen electrical installation with supply to AGA & power to kitchen island including decorative pendant lighting & USB sockets
  • Data cabling & USB sockets throughout
  • Dimmable suspended feature lighting in glazed gable apex above piano
  • CCTV system
  • Honeywell intruder alarm system with pet PIR detectors & panic button
  • All plumbing & heating works to complement heat pump installation including fitting of hot & cold pipework from hot water cylinder to bathrooms, ensuites, kitchen & utility as well installation of all sanitary ware & towel rails.

We think this home looks absolutely stunning & we can’t wait to see it when the ground works are finished.  It’s a real achievement by the whole team who were involved, from planning stages right through to handover. 

Eco friendly heating system & solar technology for home in Whitchurch

The team at Princes LHS have just finished the design & installation of an air source heat pump & solar array at this property in Whitchurch.

The customer got in touch with us for an assessment to see how installing an air source heat pump could benefit them.  They were currently fully reliant on a condensing gas boiler.  Following our technical survey & EPC assessment we calculated that by installing a 16KW Samsung air source heat pump the customer could save in excess of £10,000.00 over a 7 year RHI period! 

We also advised the customer that a hybrid set up would be beneficial, so in this instance the existing relatively new gas boiler was to stay in place & the system will automatically switch over from the heat pump in the event that the temperature drops below 2 degrees celcius.  This meant that the customer did not need to upgrade all of their radiators & kept disruption to a minimum, plus there is always the option to remove the gas boiler in the future & allow the heat pump to provide all of the heating requirements.

Our customer also decided to go ahead with the installation of 5.58KW Solar PV system complete with a fully intergrated Tesla Powerwall home battery to store clean energy for use at any time, & a Myenergi eddi energy management system to divert excess power from the PV to the hot water system.  Excess energy can also be exported back to the grid to save the customer even more on their energy bill!

We’re really happy with how this installation has turned out & more importantly so is our customer who has already started saving on their energy bills & significantly reducing their carbon footprint!




Visit our renewable energy showroom in the heart of Ellesmere in Shropshire

Did you know you can now visit our new Low-carbon Home Systems showroom at the Rennet Works in the centre of Ellesmere?

Following on from our success as electrical & plumbing contractors we have built on that knowledge & diversified into renewable energy installations.  Now more than ever people are considering their impact on the environment & are looking into greener energy solutions for their homes & businesses.  We all have a responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint & protect the planet for future generations to enjoy.

At our showroom we have a range of working & demonstration renewable energy & eco friendly systems on display, including a solar PV & air pump demo installation, supplying heat to the underfloor heating system.  

As not everyone is fully aware of what ‘green’ options are available or even suitable for their homes, we have all the information you need to help you to make an informed decision on what is right for you. 

If you are considering a greener option to power your home or business pop in & see us.  We don’t like pushy sales people, instead we have friendly experienced installers here to offer advice & help you to find the best solution for your home.  Even better! The Goverments incentive for choosing a more environmentally friendly option, the Green Homes Grant, has now been extended until March 2022!

Don’t forget we are an established & experienced electrical & heating installer accredited by MCS, NICEIC, OFTEC, Gas Safe, SMAS, Trust Mark & OLEV so we can guarantee our customers a quality installation & after care service.


Princes LHS has a new home!


We have a new home!  After succesfully growing our business from the Ellesmere Business Park for the last 14 years we decided a move would allow us to continue with our success & to further develop the renewable energy side of the business.

The Rennet Works building, previously the old JC Dykes Hardware store in the heart of Ellesmere had recently become empty.   Director Matt realised the potential of the former Ellesmere Brewery & the possibility of now being able to open a showroom devoted purely to renewable energy.

In the Summer of 2020 work started on converting the building into offices to accommodate the electrical, plumbing & maintenance contracting side of the business, a trade counter & the renewables showroom.  Low-carbon Home Systems was born!

Our showroom is now open & has a range of working & demonstration renewable energy options & eco-friendly technology on display.  For anyone who is interested in reducing their carbon footprint & energy bills but isnt sure what is available or the different types of technology it offers the opportunity to pop in, take a look & ask questions.  We don’t have pushy sales people & we don’t like the hard sell approach.

We can also provide further information on the governments Green Home Grant scheme which has now been extended to March 2022. 

Come & pay us a visit!  We are here Monday to Friday 9 – 5 & Saturday mornings 9 – 12. 

The former JC Dykes building at the Rennet Works

Now……..                                     And then…….workers at the Ellesmere Brewery

Best Selling British Made EV Charger

The worlds first solar compatible EV charger

The myenergi Zappi is a smart EV charger with a difference. Not only does it operate as a standard EV charger, but it also has optional charging modes to utilise 100% GREEN energy generated from your Solar PV or wind generation.  Increasing the Return On Investment (ROI) for your panels and electric car, the zappi is easy to install and user friendly.

Being the first-ever EV charger of its kind, the innovative team at myenergi has carefully designed features and functions to give you complete control of your electric car charging experience. Paired with the myenergi app, you can set timers to utilise economy tariffs, use the boost function, monitor your devices, and so much more!

This future proof, intelligent electric car charging is conceived, evolved, and manufactured in-house right here in the UK.

Our specialist team at Princes LHS have installed this version 2 Zappi for a customer of ours, complete with a Harvi energy harvesting wireless sensor and the myenergy hub app.


With the OLEV Grant Scheme, you can claim back from the government up to £350 off your product and installation!

Choosing a Solar Battery for Your Home

Whilst being relatively new technology, solar batteries do have the ability to significantly reduce your reliance on fossil fuels. Savings of up to £300 a year can be achieved on a standard 4 Kw solar system. This will be suitable for a domestic property, whether you live in a bungalow or a larger property.

Why choose solar batteries?

Currently a typical solar PV system will send energy back to the grid at a decreased rate. This increases your reliance on the grid and can reduce your overall energy savings. By deciding to install a battery storage system you increase self-sufficiency up to almost 100% and significantly reduce the running costs of your solar system.

Battery systems can also be easily installed alongside existing solar systems with wall mounted and ground mounted versions available. The digital display available on most models will give you an idea of performance as well.

Types of solar batteries

There are two types of solar battery systems that can be installed currently. These include lithium acid and lithium ion batteries, which both differ in price and performance. Whilst lithium acid models may be typically a third of the cost of a lithium ion battery, a lithium ion battery is a much longer lasting and powerful. For instance, a lithium ion battery can discharge at a rate of 90% while a lithium acid battery can only discharge at roughly 50% of its capacity.

The truth is lithium-ion batteries generally have more energy , last longer and operate at a range of temperatures unlike other rechargeable batteries.Whilst standard batteries for running computers, mobile phones and other consumer electronics, these batteries have the density and longevity to store and dispatch solar electricity for at least 10 years.

The rise of lithium ion

Tesla is using Panasonic’s lithium-ion batteries for its cars and they recently flipped the switched on their giggafactory which is set to double the worlds production of lithium ion batteries. Tesla are well known for setting ambitious and unrealistic timelines for their renewable s projects, and Elon Musk has once again pulled it off by putting the factory live on schedule

For more information on solar batteries, visit our battery section here



5 Things to Consider When Upgrading Your Central Heating System

It may seem like a mammoth task to upgrade your central heating system, especially when we are getting so close to summer. However, with increased efficiency and cost saving at the top of most homeowner’s mind, upgrading has become a more popular topic of conversation over the last few years.

For those of you who are thinking about upgrading, here are a few questions that you should be asking yourself before you get going.

  1. What type of system do you need?

Often the size of your home can have a big impact on the type of central heating system you need. Especially when it comes to the number of bathrooms.

There are three type of systems you will typically choose from:

  • Wet systems
  • Warm air systems
  • Storage heaters

A wet system works by circulating hot water around a system of pipes connected to a boiler or heat exchanger. A less popular choice is a warm air system which heats the air and feeds it to different rooms via air ducts. Not always the most cost effective choice either.

The last option is a storage heater which will use bricks capable of storing large amounts of heat. These bricks store heat using off-peak electricity and will tend to use a separate wiring system.

Whilst wet systems are the most popular in the UK, a storage heater means you can control the amount of heat being stored and can even delay its release until you return in the evening. Not bad going!

  1. Do you need to replace the whole system?

While the boiler, radiators and cylinders have a big impact on the performance of your central heating, pipework can be equally important. Moving systems can put pressure on pipework and create leaks that go unnoticed. If that is the case, then you may find any potential savings are voided by faulty pipes which aren’t suitable for your new system.

We would suggest replacing the necessary pipework to avoid any future mishaps and installing other parts where the cost saving warrants it. For instance, if your boiler is over 15 years old then replacing it with a more modern model could increase efficiency by up to 50% and thus boost your savings.

  1. What type of boiler so you need? Is a combi really the most efficient solution?

A combi boiler is a popular choice for a high percentage of households due to its ability to heat water on demand. The truth of it is that they are most suitable for houses with just one bathroom; and possibly two if powerful enough.

The other options are conventional and system boilers which both require a hot water cylinder. This can take up more space but will lead to faster running water – and faster running baths! Both systems can feed several outlets at once making them more suitable for properties with multiple bathrooms.

  1. Are you thinking of carrying out more home improvements? Could this involve installing more radiators?

Something as simple as an extension or loft conversion can impact the type of boiler you should have. You should consider whether you need a tank for the loft you are planning to convert, and if so maybe you should be installing a boiler without tanks? There is also the question of radiators. Will you be putting more bathrooms in as part of your extension? And if so, will your boiler supply all the new radiators and bathrooms comfortably?

If not, then you need a conventional or system boiler now despite your current supply currently only warranting a combi system. There is no benefit to installing two different boilers over such a short period.

  1. How old is your hot water cylinder?

New cylinders tend to be a different size and shape to old ones. Whatever the case, you may find when you get around to it that a hot water cylinder is taking up a lot of space. Big bulky old systems often require space for needless cylinders which wouldn’t be the case with a newer model. With more space, you could even create room for a new shower cubicle!

The point is that if you are hasty when it comes to upgrading your central heating then it could end up costing you in the long run. Be smart and answer these questions before you get started. For more information you can visit our central heating page here.

  • Princes LHS were brilliant from start to finish. When I contacted them I had received a quote from a rival company that did not appear quite right and really wasn't thought through properly. Princes LHS were the opposite of that. From initial discussions to the fitting process itself (solar PV and a Powerwall 2) everything was done very well and ahead of the agreed schedule. We're now happily producing meaningful power even in the depths of winter & the Powerwall means that we get to use all of it.
    - Jon D
  • I was provided with the information I needed to make my decision and the installation of both solar panels and air source heating was speedily and efficiently sorted. I recommend both air source heating and solar panels and definitely suggest you use Princes LHS

    - Ruth C
  • Provided sound advice on the choice of system design to suit our requirements. The installation was prompt and to programme. They provided a service and quality installation with a minimum of disruption. well done.
    - Robin G
  • Very efficient. Josh kept us fully informed every step of the way.
    Explained the process and completed the work promptly
    - Robert W
  • Really happy with Princes LHS Ltd for fitting our new heating system. Efficient, hard working and very professional at all times. Particular thanks to Jack for heading up the team on site.

    - Guy Booth
  • When Matt came round to discuss solar panels, he really listened to what I was saying, as I wanted a system whereby I could store the solar energy gathered during the day, and then use it when I came home. Whereas other companies told me this was impossible and wanted to sell me geothermal or other technologies, Princes LHS Ltd suggested a battery system, such as those used off-grid. A novel solution.

    I totally recommend them for solar technology

    - Geoff Stanley - Home Owner, Northwood
  • We at Grove School had been looking at ways of reducing our energy bills and upon speaking to Simon Lewis at Princes LHS Ltd in Ellesmere, he suggested carrying out a specialised lighting survey to reduce the overall wattage of our existing lighting installation by installing a more efficient type of light fitting with a lower overall wattage.
    - Grove School Business Education
  • I just wanted to say a very big thanks to the two lovely lads Ryan and Jack who came out yesterday to fit our new bolier. They were very courteous and worked nonstop to ensure that the boiler was up and running for us.

    We have used Princes LHS Ltd in the past for our alarm system and electrics and have always been satisfied. Ryan and Jack are a credit to your company. their professionalism and politeness was very refreshing.

    - Mala Singh - Director, AAT GB LTD


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