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The benefits of installing solar panels to your home

As climate concerns continue to grow, renewable energy solutions like solar panels are increasing in popularity. Solar panels are an easy way to channel the sun’s energy and create electricity you can use to run your home. There are many benefits of solar panels including reduced costs and carbon footprint and our solar panel systems can be created to suit your needs. We help build a quote and assess your system needs to get the best solar panel solution for your home.

Help the environment

One of the main benefits of solar panels is their environmental benefits. Solar energy doesn’t produce greenhouse gases or emit carbon dioxide which helps people reduce their carbon footprint. With fossil fuels becoming scarcer, solar panels also guarantee you have energy for your home and can be used even when there are clouds. By using solar panels to power your home, you can save an estimated 1 tonne of CO2 every year and help to contribute towards carbon-neutral goals.

Add value to your home

Whilst solar panels can be expensive to install, they also add value to your home which can be up to £30,000. Your solar panels can become a new selling point for future owners who may be interested in renewable energy and increase the selling price. This can also offset the cost of installation and reduce the break-even time and is a worthwhile consideration if you are considering selling your home at any point in the future.

Reduce those energy bills

The cost of living has soared in the last 12 months and there’s no end in sight at the moment. Energy bills have risen dramatically and running your home is increasingly expensive. By using the sun’s energy to run your home, solar panels allow you to save up to £600 a year on your energy bills and make you less reliant on the grid. This also protects you from future energy price rises and helps maximise your investment.

Store excess energy

Solar panels generate energy during the day for your home but in the dark, produce nothing. Installing battery storage allows you to store any excess energy generated during the day when energy usage is lower to use in the evenings and reduce your need to pay for energy. Storing your energy maximises the efficiency of your system and multiples batteries can be installed at any time to increase your storage further.

Make money by selling back

Not only can you save money on your bills, but you can also make money by selling your excess energy back to the grid. Domestic customers can be paid an agreed rate to buy your excess power when you aren’t using it. As the price of energy increases, these rates are rising and are likely to continue in the future, reducing your costs further.

There are a number of benefits to installing solar panels as part of a full Solar PV system. We can create a bespoke quote to supply, install and set up a system based on your own energy needs. For more information about our renewable energy solutions, contact our team using the contact form here, or by calling 01691 624336.