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5 Ways Trump Could Impact Climate Change

New US President Donald Trump has been criticised in the past about his views on climate change. To this date he still fails to recognise its importance. Trump even went one further by claiming that climate change was it is in fact a “hoax”.

Experts now believe that he already has plans to dramatically change the US’s stand point. This seems even more likely based on the way he has approached his presidency so far.

Below are five ways he could impact climate change in the US, based on recent reports.

The five ways Trump can impact climate change

  1. Removing at least half of the staff at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and significantly reducing their budget.
  2. Replacing the climate change page on the Whitehouse website (which he has already done) with a fossil fuel based policy which involves reinstating two oil pipelines
  3. Threatening to pull out of the Paris agreement which was designed to tackle climate change
  4. Targeting reduced energy prices for the American people without considering the potential part it could play in the world either avoiding or feeling the full effects of climate change
  5. Concentrating on safeguarding land and water above renewable energy

With the US being the second largest emitter of greenhouse gases, they could have a serious impact on the future of climate change; especially if they decide to ignore it. Specialists form the UK are calling for Teresa May to challenge Mr Trump on these policies and to make use of the UK’s ‘special relationship’ with the US.

Only time will tell if she will though.

What’s so Special About an Air Source Heat Pump?

When it comes to home heating options an air source heat pump can be a great way to lower fuel bills and improve your carbon efficiency. Technology continues to improve while fuel prices only increase, making heat pumps a more attractive option for the average homeowner.

To give you an example, if you have an old gas boiler then you could save up to £495 per year on your energy bills by installing a heat pump. On top of that you could earn between £1,000 – £2000 per year from the RHI scheme (Renewable Heat Incentive) which is a subsidy paid over 7 years. The Government recently pledged even more support for heat pumps by announcing increased tariffs.

How does an air source heat pump work?

The heat pump itself works by extracting heat from the air around the unit and absorbing it at a lower temperature via a fluid (similar to the way a fridge extracts heat from its inside). This fluid then passes through a compressor where the temperature is increased and distributed around your heating system. This means that unlike a gas or oil boiler the heat pump is able work at a much lower temperature and more efficiently.

Heating is renewed constantly and cuts down on the use of expensive fossil fuels.

The benefits

Other than the obvious energy savings, installing an air source heat pump is also:

  • Easier to maintain with services suggested every 3-5 years
  • Profitable due to the ability to claim RHI payments and reduced energy costs
  • Easier to install and more affordable than a ground source heat pump
  • Highly efficient due to the fact it works at a lower temperature
  • Easily fitted alongside other renewable systems
  • Around 300% efficient compared to fossil fuel boilers which are only 80% -95% efficient

Why might I choose to install a hybrid system?

Deciding to install a hybrid system can help to deliver further savings due to the reduction in installation costs.  In this case the heat pump no longer acts as a standalone system and would work instead beside your central heating system. This way you get to keep your gas, oil or LPG boiler, but use energy created from your heat pump to reduce your reliance on fossil fuels.

Recent work

As part of a recent project in Weston Rhyn (Shropshire) our team installed a Samsung air source heat pump in a hybrid system so that it was able to work alongside the existing oil boiler. The hybrid system meant that the owner made significant savings on installation due to the fact they didn’t need to replace their hot water cylinder or existing radiators. They can also expect significant yearly savings on their energy bills.


View work


Going Solar in Shropshire

A recent Government survey showed that 82% of people in the UK supported using solar energy, yet a lot of people still rely heavily on fossil fuels. Reports suggest that 2017 could be the tipping point for solar PV though with solar panel costs falling by 25% and a predicted 10% fall year on year. This is a benefit which we pass on to customers every day and provide them with energy security against rising prices.

Homeowners and businesses across Shropshire will soon be feeling the effect of these rising prices though with energy companies announcing further increases in March this year. We suggest installing Solar PV because this minimises energy drawn from the grid and means you’re using mostly clean and efficient energy generated by your solar panels. You can even install battery storage alongside your solar system so that any energy you don’t use during the day, is stored and used in the evening.

Last year it became even more obvious that the technology was there to make solar PV more affordable. Cheaper components and increased capacity, with high kW panels, have helped to reduce installation costs and give real return on investment. To give you an example, most homes in Shropshire have the ability install at least a 4 kW system which can save you up to 50% on your energy bills and pay for itself in under 8 years. These savings only increase for businesses who can install much larger systems with the potential for 100% savings on daytime electricity.

Our team of accredited MCS fitters have excellent experience installing solar PV and work with customers across Shropshire on a daily basis. We are able to install high quality systems to suit each individual property’s energy usage, and provide ongoing maintenance when needed. Our customers continue to make great savings through their Solar Systems, and also have realistic expectations based on analysis produced by our team.

To find out how much you could save by investing in solar PV, call our team on 01691 624336 or complete our contact form here

Saving energy in 2017

Looking for new ways to save energy in 2017? Princes LHS are here to help. We’ve put together 10 ways that you can start saving right now.  Read our top 10 tips below and learn how to reduce your monthly bills by staying on top of your energy usage all year round.

Saving at home

Install a room thermostat and start managing your central heating costs

If you own a room thermostat then room temperatures can be managed throughout the day using just one thermostat. If you don’t own a thermostat, then you should really be setting your boiler temperature as low as you’re comfortable with.

What’s best? At Princes we recommend the NEST thermostat which programs itself over time by learning what temperature you like. To find out more about NEST please click here.

Do your washing at a lower temperature and save 1/3 on the cost of a spin cycle

Doing your washing at 30 degrees and not 40 degrees may seem insignificant, but realistically this could save you up to a third on the cost of every spin cycle.

Use central heating to heat one room instead of using your gas fire 

Central heating is the cheaper way to heat a single room. You can even test it yourself by comparing meter readings.

Replace one old light bulb with an energy saving bulb and save £78 over its lifetime

Energy saving bulbs are much more cost efficient and will last up to 12 times longer than a standard light bulb.

Defrost your fridges and freezers every year and help them to run more efficiently

By defrosting your fridge and freezer you can make space for more food. This acts as insulation and lessens the time they have to stay cool.

Install underfloor insulation and heating for older building 

Older building often have timber frames which don’t hold in as much heat. Underfloor heating can be fitted beneath these floors to help them stay warm throughout the year.

Looking to install underfloor heating? Contact us today for a free quote.

Saving at work

No more screen savers

Avoid setting screen savers when your away from your desk by changing the power settings and stop your computer screen from running all day.

Purchase indoor plants – It works!

Plants act as natural air conditioners due to the humidity produced during their respiratory cycle. This can even improve the air quality in your office.

Fix those dripping taps 

The cost of not fixing dripping taps far outweighs the cost of getting someone to service them – Not forgetting the wasted water!

Energy saving workplace

Promote efficiency within your workplace and you will see the rewards every month. You could even appoint someone to take ownership of saving energy for the entire company.

Employ just one of these energy saving tips and you should see a difference in your monthly bills!

If you have any questions regarding heating, electrical or renewable energy solutions, please feel free to call us on 01691 624336 or complete our contact form here.

A Very Merry Christmas from Princes LHS

Christmas is finally here! From all the team at Princes LHS, we wish you a very merry Christmas and a fantastic new year! We look forward to supporting you with all your heating, renewable and plumbing enquiries in 2017.

Christmas Opening Hours 

Our offices will be closed from today 23rd December 2016 and will open again 3rd January 2017 at 08.00am . If you have any urgent enquiries in the meantime, please leave a message with the office and one of our engineers will be able to help.

Princes LHS are now Tesla Energy Powerwall certified installers

Princes LHS Ltd is happy to announce we have now achieved certified installer status for supply and installation of the Telsa Energy Powerwall.

This adds to our long list of accreditations which include Gas Safe, OFTEC, NICEIC, NAPIT, MCS.

The Powerwall is an innovative piece of technology that has been developed specifically for getting the most out of your solar PV system. This battery is charged using the electricity generated from solar PV panels and can then power your home during the evening. It can be easily retrofitted to any existing installation.

It is an automated process with all of the technology contained within the battery unit that is easily installed. The Powerwall allows you to maximise self-consumption of your solar generation and reduce your energy bills even further.

For more information on any of our services whether it’s electrical, plumbing and heating or renewable energy please give us a call on 01691 624336



Are solar panels suitable for my home?

Investing in solar panels can save you hundreds of pounds a year on energy bills and help the environment by not using fossil fuels. But if you’re deciding whether your home is suitable to have them installed, here’s some advice on what you need to know.

Getting the best results from solar panels

Ideally, your roof should be south facing and at an angle of around 30 degrees to be in the best position to generate the most electricity.

However, solar panels will still work if your roof faces in any other direction and can be installed onto a flat roof with a mount (this places it on an angle). This won’t generate as much electricity but it will still be a significant amount.

View our case study and find out how Mr Johnson and Mrs Rudkin benefitted by switching to solar energy.

What if it’s cloudy?

There’s a myth that solar panels do not work on cloudy days but we can confirm that it isn’t true, they will still generate electricity.

This is because solar panels do not require direct sunlight to work, they generate electricity using the sun’s rays. If you’ve been to the beach on a cloudy day and comeback with sunburn, you’ve experienced this effect.

The panels will generate about 10-25% of their rated capacity in cloudy weather, dependant on how thick the cloud is. However, all that matters is how much sun you get all year round.

Other things to consider

With those things in mind, you’ll also need to look if there are any obstacles that could block the rays from reaching the panels. For example: trees, an extension on a building, or something even bigger.

Still not sure?

If you’re still not sure whether your home is suitable for solar panels, give us a call today on 01691 624336. We can give you some more advice over the phone if you need it to help you make your decision or you can request a free consultation.

Brad Pitt Helps to Rebuild environmentally-friendly homes

Image of Brad Pitt

No matter where in the world you’re from, a safe, comfortable living space is essential for you to feel happy and secure. Although it’s easy to take for granted, sometimes we are given vivid reminders of just how lucky we are to have a place to call home.

When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005, the devastation caused by the storm was immense. Many people lost their homes and businesses, and over the last ten years there has been a concerted effort to rebuild the areas of the city that were the worst affected by the hurricane.

SolarOne man who has become a leading figure in the reconstruction effort is Hollywood actor and New Orleans resident Brad Pitt, who owns a US$6.5 million, five-bedroom house in the French Quarter with his wife, Angelina Jolie. Since visiting the areas that were the hardest hit by Katrina, two years after the hurricane struck, Pitt has dedicated himself to the cause, and has been helping to provide new housing for people left homeless by the storm.

He established the Make It Right foundation in 2007 to build environmentally-friendly, attractive homes for the people of the city’s Lower Ninth Ward. Since then, the foundation has successfully completed 109 properties: houses that not only provide much-needed security for their occupants, but that are designed to keep running costs to a bare minimum, with solar panels to save on fuel bills and other eco-friendly features.

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Could this be the future of our roads?

In November 2014 the Netherlands installed solar panels in a way that had never been seen before; they created roads and bike paths from standard solar panels that we install on roofs, and covered them in glass and silicon to protect them. The result was a 70 metre test road, just outside of Amsterdam, which in its first 6 months, produced 3,000kWh of electricity, around enough energy to power an average household for a whole year.

Netherlands Solar bike path

The solar roads seen in the Netherlands could become the future of renewable energy, with proposals for the panels to even generate electricity for road signals, traffic management and lane designation. An artists impression can be seen below.

Future roads-

Could this be what our roads look like in the years to come?

Local couple make substantial savings on energy bills

Just over a year after we installed their Solar PV system, we caught up with Mr Johnson & Mrs Rudkin, a local couple, to see how they have benefited from their install.

To read their story, and to see how we at Princes LHS Ltd might be able to help you, click on the link below to take you to our case study page.

  • Princes LHS were brilliant from start to finish. When I contacted them I had received a quote from a rival company that did not appear quite right and really wasn't thought through properly. Princes LHS were the opposite of that. From initial discussions to the fitting process itself (solar PV and a Powerwall 2) everything was done very well and ahead of the agreed schedule. We're now happily producing meaningful power even in the depths of winter & the Powerwall means that we get to use all of it.
    - Jon D
  • I was provided with the information I needed to make my decision and the installation of both solar panels and air source heating was speedily and efficiently sorted. I recommend both air source heating and solar panels and definitely suggest you use Princes LHS

    - Ruth C
  • Provided sound advice on the choice of system design to suit our requirements. The installation was prompt and to programme. They provided a service and quality installation with a minimum of disruption. well done.
    - Robin G
  • Very efficient. Josh kept us fully informed every step of the way.
    Explained the process and completed the work promptly
    - Robert W
  • Really happy with Princes LHS Ltd for fitting our new heating system. Efficient, hard working and very professional at all times. Particular thanks to Jack for heading up the team on site.

    - Guy Booth
  • When Matt came round to discuss solar panels, he really listened to what I was saying, as I wanted a system whereby I could store the solar energy gathered during the day, and then use it when I came home. Whereas other companies told me this was impossible and wanted to sell me geothermal or other technologies, Princes LHS Ltd suggested a battery system, such as those used off-grid. A novel solution.

    I totally recommend them for solar technology

    - Geoff Stanley - Home Owner, Northwood
  • We at Grove School had been looking at ways of reducing our energy bills and upon speaking to Simon Lewis at Princes LHS Ltd in Ellesmere, he suggested carrying out a specialised lighting survey to reduce the overall wattage of our existing lighting installation by installing a more efficient type of light fitting with a lower overall wattage.
    - Grove School Business Education
  • I just wanted to say a very big thanks to the two lovely lads Ryan and Jack who came out yesterday to fit our new bolier. They were very courteous and worked nonstop to ensure that the boiler was up and running for us.

    We have used Princes LHS Ltd in the past for our alarm system and electrics and have always been satisfied. Ryan and Jack are a credit to your company. their professionalism and politeness was very refreshing.

    - Mala Singh - Director, AAT GB LTD


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