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Solar turns this garage into an energy generating hub to provide the whole home with clean, green power

Garage & outbuilding roofs can be an ideal & discreet place for installing solar panels, particularly if you’ve been put off installing them on your house roof for aesthetic reasons.

For this customer in Shrewsbury his slate roofed garage was the perfect spot for installing his new solar array, & is made even more discreet thanks to the use of roof integrated panels.

Our installers carefully removed the slates to install the GSE mounting modules before reinstating & sealing to ensure the roof is watertight.

Ten Jinko 3.2kW panels were installed complete with maximisers, along with a Solis inverter.

On this install our team opted for the award winning GivEnergy battery system with hybrid inverter.  This storage system is able to provide back up power in the event of a black out & charge directly from the solar PV & the grid utilising a flexible energy tariff.  As you’d expect from the latest technology the system has built in WiFi & the customer can monitor through the cloud via the web or an app. 

As you can see, the battery & inverter take up very little space within the garage so you’d hardly know it was there!  This install has turned the customers garage into a discreet, clean energy producing ‘hub’ to power the whole home!