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We were given the task of incorporating a solid fuel rayburn and a heat pump system together to provide all the heating and hot water requirements needed for the traditional radiators and underfloor heating system we were going to be fitting in a local barn conversion being renovated. After carrying out a substantial amount of research to see what would be the most efficient and safest way of doing things we decided on a Samsung Heat Pump and Heating Innovations H5 panel. This system is fully automated and the heat pump only kicks in if the amount of heat being provided by the rayburn and its 100 litre buffer is not enough. When the Rayburn enters slumber mode any excess heat is stored in the buffer vessel and is then used the next morning to help the system get up to temperature. The other task was to find a suitable low profile underfloor heating system which could be fitted directly over the finished concrete floor, for this we used the Solfex warm board system. Besides being low profile (just 15mm) the other good thing about this system is that a finished floor can be fitted directly over the top without the need to screed first. For all your plumbing, heating & renewable energy requirements give us a call on 01691 624336.