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Central Heating Systems in Shropshire

When installing a new central heating system it’s best to first consider how this will affect the amount of energy you use each month. This will determine the type of boiler you need and should help you find the most cost effective solution. After all, your heating will typically account for half of the money you spend on fuel bills each month.

The good thing about opting for a new system is that they have become increasingly economical. Hot water can be made available as and when you need it, and better control and insulation means your property can run even more efficiently. This makes your home or business warmer and more comfortable, while also providing security against rising energy prices.

How does a central heating system work?

A standard central heating system is made up of one boiler and a set of radiators. Water is pumped around a system of pipes providing vital heat to all areas of the property. With a combi boiler you access this energy when you need it; drawing it directly to all areas of the house. Whereas a conventional boiler is programmed to provide hot water at certain times of the day, and stores this water in a hot water cylinder until it is needed.

Access to energy saving technology helps to capitalize on savings made through a new central heating system. This can include anything from general insulation to renewable technologies such as an air source heat pumps or an immersion heater. The latter relies on natural energy to heat the home extracting heat from the air or from your solar PV panels.

Finding the right heating system

To find out which system best suits your property, you should try to get a general understanding of how each system works. This involves picking between three different types of boilers which all come with their own benefits and drawbacks. Including:
  • Conventional Boilers
  • Combi Boilers
  • System Boilers

Conventional boilers are more suited to houses that require multiple taps to work at the same time. They use a hot water cylinder and cold water tank to send water around the heating system. A system boiler also operates with a hot water cylinder but differs in the fact that individual components are built in to the system. This makes installation quicker and response time faster. Then there is the combi boiler which heats water directly from the mains and will turn on when it is needed.

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