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Mitsubishi air source heat pumps

Mitsubishi has been a household name in the field of electrical appliances since 1921.

The company is now a leading global manufacturer of environmental technologies including Ecodan heat pumps.

Ecodan air source heat pumps

Mitsubishi designed its Ecodan range to suit the UK climate. Its inverter-driven heat pump technology is efficient and economical even in temperatures as low as -25°C.

Ecodan is an established technology that has been developed and improved over many years and is now in its 5th generation.

Financial incentives

You’ll pay only 5% VAT on the purchase and installation of your Ecodan heat pump because it is a low-carbon technology.

If you installed a traditional heating system you’d pay the standard rate of VAT.

Ecodan is energy efficient and will lower your energy bills; for every 1kW of electricity Ecodan uses, it provides at least 3.2kW of heat output.

Heat pumps are eligible for payments under the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

Watch architect and TV presenter George Clark introduce Mitsubishi’s Ecodan heat pump

Benefits of Ecodan heat pumps

  • Designed especially for the UK
  • Quality assured UK-built cylinder
  • Pay only 5% VAT on the purchase and installation price
  • Eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)
  • Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) approved
  • Energy rated A++
  • Last 15-20 years with professional maintenance
  • Low noise – Ecodan carries the Noise Abatement Society’s Quiet Mark

Is my home suitable for an air source heat pump?

Ecodan is suitable for most types of properties including flats and apartments as well as terraced, semi-detached and detached houses and bungalows.

Existing homes

Ecodan can be properly retro-fitted to the vast majority of houses from 1950 onwards, which many other air source heat pumps can not.

You can replace any oil, electric or gas heating system with an Ecodan.

You can also choose to have a hybrid system with a secondary heat source e.g. a gas boiler, which the Ecodan system will control intelligently.

Installing an air source heat pump is covered by Permitted Development legislation so you won’t need planning permission.

New build homes

Ecodan QUHZ is Mitsubishi’s latest heat pump system and ideal for new build homes.

Modern building standards mean new-build properties are well insulated and so need less heating than older homes.

But new-build homes need the same amount of hot water as older properties.

Ecodan QUHZ has been specifically designed to be highly efficient at producing hot water while providing a lower amount of space heating.

See George at Mitsubishi’s training centre to find out about support available for heat pump installation

Find out how much you could save

Try Mitsubishi’s handy Ecodan selection tool, as mentioned in the video above, to help you compare the benefits of installing an Ecodan.

Installing an Ecodan heat pump

Princes LHS, based in Ellesmere, provides heat pumps for homes and businesses in the North Shropshire, Wrexham and Welshpool areas.

We are proud to be an accredited installer of Mitsubishi air source heat pumps.

Our qualified technicians have completed Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan training and met the qualifying criteria to become accredited installers.

To get the best performance and energy-saving benefits from your Ecodan heat pump, your heating system should be optimised for your property.

Call us today on 01691 624336 or contact us for advice.



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