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Solar Storage Batteries

Solar panels are the easiest way for us to generate our own renewable energy. They are commonplace on homes and businesses all over the UK.

Many of these solar installations actually generate more energy than they can use. Without a solar storage battery, this excess energy is sent to the National Grid.

Solar storage batteries are storage units for solar energy that provide power on-demand for your lights and appliances.

If you have solar panels and a storage battery, you’ll won’t have to buy energy from suppliers when the sun isn’t shining. And, your battery will provide all the power you need if the Grid suffers an outage.

Why install a solar storage battery?

  • Keep the surplus energy from your solar panels to use when you need it
  • Cut energy costs and protect yourself from price hikes
  • Avoid the inconvenience and expense of power cuts
  • Enjoy guilt-free energy and rely less on fossil fuels
  • Create a self-powered home and be energy independent

Save money on electricity bills

Reducing electricity bills is one of the big attractions of solar panels. With a home energy storage battery you can save even more.

Even homes without solar panels can reduce energy costs with a storage battery by taking advantage of time-of-use energy tariffs.

Advice on solar battery installation

Princes LHS installs battery systems to suit the needs of properties in Shropshire and the surrounding counties including the Wrexham and Welshpool areas.

Our team have excellent knowledge of battery storage and can advise you on which system will help you make the most savings. By choosing to install your battery system with us, you also benefit from a detailed quote which gives you a good idea of what you can expect to save.

For more advice on solar storage batteries, please call us on 01691 624336 or contact us online today.