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Solar Panels: Cheaper Energy Bills, Reduced Carbon Emissions and Energy Independence

Trusted Local Solar Panel Installer
Based in Ellesmere, Shropshire

Solar panels produce electricity to power your lights and appliances. When you’re using your own electricity, you don’t need to buy it from suppliers. So it’s good to know that, while energy prices keep rising, electric from your solar panels is free!

Solar PV is the most popular source of renewable energy for homes, SMEs, schools, community centres and farms in the UK. Lowering emissions while ensuring enough available energy for everyone is vital for the future of our country – and the planet.

Solar panels last at least 25 years with virtually no upkeep. Thanks to rigorous health and safety procedures, performance guaranteed technology and excellent design, you can relax and let your solar system carry on generating power year after year.

Solar panels will generate electricity facing in any direction or at any angle. To give you a realistic demonstration of how much renewable energy your system could generate, we’ll consider the best position for your panels. Where possible, we aim to install panels so that they are south facing at angled at around 30 degrees. This position creates the best possible generation opportunity for your solar PV array.

As part of a FREE initial survey, we assess the suitability of your property for the installation of Solar PV. From this survey, we will then provide you with a no-obligation quote with detailed analysis.