Increase energy efficiency, reduce your carbon footprint and boost your green credentials.

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Step 1

Save up to 50% on your electricity bills.and reduce your reliance on the grid.

Installing a solar system helps to reduce the overall cost of electricity and provides energy security for the future by protecting you against rising prices. With a cap put on your energy costs, you can use renewable energy to reduce your overheads and make your home economically efficient with energy you have generated.

Step 2

Up to 15% per year ROIa sound investment fora business or homeowner

Solar PV panels are one of the best ways of generating ‘localised’ clean and efficient electricity for use in domestic homes, SME’s, large commercial buildings and agricultural premises. By increasing your electricity capacity in this way, you can start generating electricity at a stable price and help to boost your returns.

Step 3

20 year guaranteed incomeand ongoing maintenance

Solar PV panels are incredibly robust and designed for a life of at least 25 years with most lasting much longer. With rigorous health and safety procedures, performance guaranteed technology and excellent design, you can be safe in the knowledge that your system will require very little maintenance.

Solar panels will generate electricity facing any direction or at any angle. If possible, we will always try to position panels south facing at around 30 degrees to try and stimulate the very best generation for your solar system. This is included within our initial analysis to give you a realistic demo of how much renewable energy can be generated.

As part of a FREE initial survey on your property, we do consider the suitability of the property for the installation of Solar PV. From this survey we will then provide you with a no obligation quote with detailed analysis.

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