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Solar Battery Storage

Increasing innovation and development have helped to improve the technology found in a solar battery over the last few years.  Many of these systems have now become extremely efficient at storing your solar energy and can be installed for most domestic and commercial properties. With the ability to work alongside your existing solar system, you can reduce your reliance on the grid and increase energy efficiency. More and more people are choosing to install battery systems for these reasons, as well as to make the most of their solar energy by storing it efficiently for future use.

Princes LHS install a number of different battery systems to suit the needs of properties in Shropshire and it’s surrounding counties. Our team have excellent knowledge of battery storage and can advise you on which system will help you make the most savings. By choosing to install your battery system with us, you also benefit from a detailed quote which gives you a good idea of what you can expect to save.

How do battery systems work?

A solar battery is a workable storage solution which grabs the electricity produced by the solar cells within your solar PV panels. The process of storing solar energy involves:

  1. Collecting energy from the sun during the day and converting it to DC electricity
  2. Using a battery or a series of batteries to store excess electricity that is produced, and not used during the day, up to its maximum capacity
  3. Using a solar inverter to then convert the DC electricity to AC so that it can be used in the home at peak times
  4. Storing that energy so it can be used when your solar system remains dormant

By collecting and storing energy in this way, you can direct solar power to where it is needed when energy usage is at its highest.