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5 Ways Trump Could Impact Climate Change

New US President Donald Trump has been criticised in the past about his views on climate change. To this date he still fails to recognise its importance. Trump even went one further by claiming that climate change was it is in fact a “hoax”.

Experts now believe that he already has plans to dramatically change the US’s stand point. This seems even more likely based on the way he has approached his presidency so far.

Below are five ways he could impact climate change in the US, based on recent reports.

The five ways Trump can impact climate change

  1. Removing at least half of the staff at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and significantly reducing their budget.
  2. Replacing the climate change page on the Whitehouse website (which he has already done) with a fossil fuel based policy which involves reinstating two oil pipelines
  3. Threatening to pull out of the Paris agreement which was designed to tackle climate change
  4. Targeting reduced energy prices for the American people without considering the potential part it could play in the world either avoiding or feeling the full effects of climate change
  5. Concentrating on safeguarding land and water above renewable energy

With the US being the second largest emitter of greenhouse gases, they could have a serious impact on the future of climate change; especially if they decide to ignore it. Specialists form the UK are calling for Teresa May to challenge Mr Trump on these policies and to make use of the UK’s ‘special relationship’ with the US.

Only time will tell if she will though.