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Visit our renewable energy showroom in the heart of Ellesmere in Shropshire

Did you know you can now visit our new Low-carbon Home Systems showroom at the Rennet Works in the centre of Ellesmere?

Following on from our success as electrical & plumbing contractors we have built on that knowledge & diversified into renewable energy installations.  Now more than ever people are considering their impact on the environment & are looking into greener energy solutions for their homes & businesses.  We all have a responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint & protect the planet for future generations to enjoy.

At our showroom we have a range of working & demonstration renewable energy & eco friendly systems on display, including a solar PV & air pump demo installation, supplying heat to the underfloor heating system.  

As not everyone is fully aware of what ‘green’ options are available or even suitable for their homes, we have all the information you need to help you to make an informed decision on what is right for you. 

If you are considering a greener option to power your home or business pop in & see us.  We don’t like pushy sales people, instead we have friendly experienced installers here to offer advice & help you to find the best solution for your home.  Even better! The Goverments incentive for choosing a more environmentally friendly option, the Green Homes Grant, has now been extended until March 2022!

Don’t forget we are an established & experienced electrical & heating installer accredited by MCS, NICEIC, OFTEC, Gas Safe, SMAS, Trust Mark & OLEV so we can guarantee our customers a quality installation & after care service.


Saving energy in 2017

Looking for new ways to save energy in 2017? Princes LHS are here to help. We’ve put together 10 ways that you can start saving right now.  Read our top 10 tips below and learn how to reduce your monthly bills by staying on top of your energy usage all year round.

Saving at home

Install a room thermostat and start managing your central heating costs

If you own a room thermostat then room temperatures can be managed throughout the day using just one thermostat. If you don’t own a thermostat, then you should really be setting your boiler temperature as low as you’re comfortable with.

What’s best? At Princes we recommend the NEST thermostat which programs itself over time by learning what temperature you like. To find out more about NEST please click here.

Do your washing at a lower temperature and save 1/3 on the cost of a spin cycle

Doing your washing at 30 degrees and not 40 degrees may seem insignificant, but realistically this could save you up to a third on the cost of every spin cycle.

Use central heating to heat one room instead of using your gas fire 

Central heating is the cheaper way to heat a single room. You can even test it yourself by comparing meter readings.

Replace one old light bulb with an energy saving bulb and save £78 over its lifetime

Energy saving bulbs are much more cost efficient and will last up to 12 times longer than a standard light bulb.

Defrost your fridges and freezers every year and help them to run more efficiently

By defrosting your fridge and freezer you can make space for more food. This acts as insulation and lessens the time they have to stay cool.

Install underfloor insulation and heating for older building 

Older building often have timber frames which don’t hold in as much heat. Underfloor heating can be fitted beneath these floors to help them stay warm throughout the year.

Looking to install underfloor heating? Contact us today for a free quote.

Saving at work

No more screen savers

Avoid setting screen savers when your away from your desk by changing the power settings and stop your computer screen from running all day.

Purchase indoor plants – It works!

Plants act as natural air conditioners due to the humidity produced during their respiratory cycle. This can even improve the air quality in your office.

Fix those dripping taps 

The cost of not fixing dripping taps far outweighs the cost of getting someone to service them – Not forgetting the wasted water!

Energy saving workplace

Promote efficiency within your workplace and you will see the rewards every month. You could even appoint someone to take ownership of saving energy for the entire company.

Employ just one of these energy saving tips and you should see a difference in your monthly bills!

If you have any questions regarding heating, electrical or renewable energy solutions, please feel free to call us on 01691 624336 or complete our contact form here.