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Eco friendly heating system & solar technology for home in Whitchurch

The team at Princes LHS have just finished the design & installation of an air source heat pump & solar array at this property in Whitchurch.

The customer got in touch with us for an assessment to see how installing an air source heat pump could benefit them.  They were currently fully reliant on a condensing gas boiler.  Following our technical survey & EPC assessment we calculated that by installing a 16KW Samsung air source heat pump the customer could save in excess of £10,000.00 over a 7 year RHI period! 

We also advised the customer that a hybrid set up would be beneficial, so in this instance the existing relatively new gas boiler was to stay in place & the system will automatically switch over from the heat pump in the event that the temperature drops below 2 degrees celcius.  This meant that the customer did not need to upgrade all of their radiators & kept disruption to a minimum, plus there is always the option to remove the gas boiler in the future & allow the heat pump to provide all of the heating requirements.

Our customer also decided to go ahead with the installation of 5.58KW Solar PV system complete with a fully intergrated Tesla Powerwall home battery to store clean energy for use at any time, & a Myenergi eddi energy management system to divert excess power from the PV to the hot water system.  Excess energy can also be exported back to the grid to save the customer even more on their energy bill!

We’re really happy with how this installation has turned out & more importantly so is our customer who has already started saving on their energy bills & significantly reducing their carbon footprint!




Going Solar in Shropshire

A recent Government survey showed that 82% of people in the UK supported using solar energy, yet a lot of people still rely heavily on fossil fuels. Reports suggest that 2017 could be the tipping point for solar PV though with solar panel costs falling by 25% and a predicted 10% fall year on year. This is a benefit which we pass on to customers every day and provide them with energy security against rising prices.

Homeowners and businesses across Shropshire will soon be feeling the effect of these rising prices though with energy companies announcing further increases in March this year. We suggest installing Solar PV because this minimises energy drawn from the grid and means you’re using mostly clean and efficient energy generated by your solar panels. You can even install battery storage alongside your solar system so that any energy you don’t use during the day, is stored and used in the evening.

Last year it became even more obvious that the technology was there to make solar PV more affordable. Cheaper components and increased capacity, with high kW panels, have helped to reduce installation costs and give real return on investment. To give you an example, most homes in Shropshire have the ability install at least a 4 kW system which can save you up to 50% on your energy bills and pay for itself in under 8 years. These savings only increase for businesses who can install much larger systems with the potential for 100% savings on daytime electricity.

Our team of accredited MCS fitters have excellent experience installing solar PV and work with customers across Shropshire on a daily basis. We are able to install high quality systems to suit each individual property’s energy usage, and provide ongoing maintenance when needed. Our customers continue to make great savings through their Solar Systems, and also have realistic expectations based on analysis produced by our team.

To find out how much you could save by investing in solar PV, call our team on 01691 624336 or complete our contact form here

Win a complete 1KW solar PV system

Simon Lewis, director of Princes Solar Energy, London Marathon

Win a Solar PV system worth over £3,000, installed on your home.

On 26th April 2015 Simon Lewis, director of Princes Solar Energy, is running the London Marathon for local charity the Kenyan Schools Project (KSP).

KSP, who are also based in Ellesmere, Shropshire, raise money to fund and build schools in Kenya. Princes Solar Energy is aiming to raise money for a Solar system to be placed on a school built by KSP to provide free, clean electricity.

Running alongside this fundraising we are running a competition for someone to win a complete 1KW Solar PV System installed on their home, (subject to T&C’s*).

To be in with a chance of winning this system entrants must like the Princes Solar Energy Facebook page, and then guess the time that Simon will complete the marathon in. Guesses should be in the format of hours, minutes and seconds and written as a comment below our Facebook post, which can be found at our Facebook page . The winner will be the person with the time nearest Simon’s actual race chip time.

You can also sponsor Simon directly at

*Terms and conditions

  1. Competition is limited to households within a 50 mile radius of SY12 0EW.
  2. If the competition is won by an individual that is not a homeowner then the system can be given to a nominated recipient who is a homeowner within a 50 mile radius as above.
  3. Competition is limited to one entry per person, more than one entry can be made per household.
  4. Entrants must be over 18 years old.
  5. To be in with a chance of winning the solar system entrants must like the Princes Solar Energy page on Facebook.
  6. If more than one person guesses the time correctly, or multiple entrants have times are equally close to Simon’s actual time, then these names will be placed in a hat and the winner drawn out at random.
  7. Competition is not available to employees of Princes Solar Energy or immediate family of employees.
  8. The solar system may be upgraded for a bigger system at the expense of the competition winner if required.
  9. Competition closes for entry 12pm Friday 24th April 2015.
  10. Installation of solar system is subject to roof survey and suitability, if the roof is not suitable then the system may be donated to a nominated recipient.

Feed In Tariff rate change

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has announced that the current Feed-in Tariff rate of 14.38p/kWh is set to decrease by 3.5% on the 1st January 2015. This will make the rate drop to 13.87p/kWh.

It is important to note that any solar PV system that is commissioned before this date will still be eligible for the higher, current tariff, subject to gaining an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) at a band ‘D’ or higher.

Degression is a periodic reduction in tariffs, the size of which is dependent on the amount of  deployment in the preceding period.- DECC

Because of the number of Solar systems that have been installed in the UK in the last quarter, and because there hasn’t been a change in Feed-in Tariff rate since 1st April 2014, we are now due a change in rate.

Here at Princes LHS Ltd, we commission the system and send off your Feed in Tariff application forms to your energy provider for you, meaning that you can begin to see your electricity savings as soon as possible.