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UK leading the way with solar installations

In 2014 the UK led the European solar expansion, installing 2.4GW  of solar, which equates to 1/3 of Europe’s total installations.

“The success of the UK, set to be the largest European market again in 2015, reinforces the evidence that solar power is a versatile and cost-efficient energy source in any climate,” said James Watson, the CEO of SolarPower Europe

One of the main reasons that solar has been so popular in the UK is the continued implementation of financial incentives such as the Feed in Tariff, which have been removed across other European countries. The UK, so far in 2015, have installed 2GW of solar, a figure which is projected to rise to 3GW by the end of this year.

Cumulative solar installations 2000-2014

In 2014, solar installations across the world were 100 times greater than the total solar installed in 2000.

With current trends set to continue, there is no better time to invest in solar; see your energy bills decrease, while adding to the UK’s continued progress towards a country powered by renewable energy technologies.